13 May 2024

Sponsored content: Go Deeper with Brillouin Microscopy

Feeling with Photons: A Label-Free, Non-Invasive Optical Approach to Mechanobiology.

In the evolving field of Mechanobiology, understanding the mechanical properties of cells and tissues is crucial.

CellSense Technologies is at the forefront of mechanobiological research, introducing the Discoverer Brillouin Microscope — a novel tool designed to investigate the mechanical properties of cells, tissues, and organoids without causing damage.

This innovative microscope, developed by industry veterans, employs a non-invasive, label-free technology to provide a deeper understanding of biological processes. Brillouin Microscopy measures the mechanical stiffness of live samples in three dimensions by observing the scattering of laser light by the matter itself. This allows researchers to image mechanical properties quantitatively and explore biological processes in their native, three-dimensional environments.

Whether it’s single cells, complex organoids, tissues, or entire organisms, the Discoverer Brillouin Microscope extends the reach of mechanobiology, offering new insights that are applied to areas such as disease modeling and drug development.

One of the key advantages of this microscope is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing upright or inverted microscopes. Researchers can upgrade their current setups and start obtaining mechanical data on the same day, enhancing their capabilities without the need for extensive installations or training.

This ease of integration ensures that valuable research time is focused on discovery rather than preparation. A workflow-based user interface allows for a convenient setup and operation, minimizing user frustration.

The technique, rooted in principles established by French physicist Léon Brillouin more than 100 years ago, has evolved from its material science origins to become a powerful tool in biological research. Its non-invasive approach and the detailed mechanical insights it provides complement the functional and structural information obtained by other microscopy techniques. This integration makes the Discoverer Brillouin Microscope a valuable addition to conventional imaging, offering numerous new contrast channels.

For those interested in exploring how the mechanical environment influences biological functions and disease states, CellSense offers demonstrations and test measurements. See for yourself how this technology can advance your research.

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