Presenting at elmi2024

To keep the sessions running to schedule and allow questions from the audience, it is very important to ensure presentations are within the allotted time.  We advise all presenters to ensure they have either uploaded from their USB or tested their laptop connection in advance of the session.  We advise all presenters to attend their full session that they are presenting in so they do not miss their presenting slot should times vary on the day.

A meeting registration is required to present a submitted talk, poster flash talk or poster.

Please note - elmi2024 is an in-person meeting with no recorded presentations.

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers are allocated 30 minutes for presentations - 25 minutes for the talk and up to five minutes for questions from the audience.

Submitted Talks

Submitted talk are allocated 15 minutes for presentations - 12 minutes for the talk and up to three minutes for questions from the audience.

Poster Flash Talks

Poster flash talks are programmed for five minutes – three minutes for the talk and two minutes to allow presenters to change over. There is no time allocated for questions as a poster flash talk is intended to give a poster presenter the opportunity to highlight their work and to encourage people to view their poster.  It should be a brief overview of their work and include no more than four slides (including a title slide).

Your Presentation

All presenters are requested to go to the room in advance of their session. Either to load up their presentation from a USB memory stick, or for those planning to use their own laptop, to check they have the appropriate adaptors.  If you have any concerns during the meeting about when you can upload your presentation, please visit the registration desk, and speak to a member of the RMS team.

The projector screen will be set to a 16:9 ratio. Only PowerPoint presentations are accepted if you are not using your own laptop.

Please note that only single projection will be available. Please do not include live links to the Internet. If you wish to show web pages, use screen shots within your PowerPoint presentation.

All presentations should be based on the submitted abstract as accepted by the Organising Committee. All presentations should be delivered by the author indicated in the submission as the presenting author. If the presenting author has changed, please notify Kate Wooding.

The room will be set up theatre-style and will be equipped with a lectern, microphone, projector, screen, remote control, laser pointer and laptop with PowerPoint. There will be an AV technician on hand to control the roaming microphones for questions from the audience and to assist you, should you need it.


Poster Presenters

To fit on the poster boards, your poster should be printed at A0 size (Height 1189mm x Width 841mm) and be in portrait orientation.

All poster presentations should be based on the submitted abstract as accepted by the Organising Committee.

A conference registration is required to present a poster.

Location and displaying your poster

Posters will be displayed inside the exhibition hall and in the adjacent entrance area of the exhibition hall. Poster boards will be organised alphabetically by presenting author.

Boards will be clearly marked to indicate the poster number, which will correspond to the poster list in the PDF programme on the elmi2024 website and app. You will need to check the programme on arrival to find out your poster number. If you have any difficulties, a member of the elmi2024 team will be available to assist you. You will be given Velcro to affix your poster to the board. If you are planning to bring a fabric printed poster, we will be providing materials to attach it to the poster board. If you require additional Velcro, please visit the registration desk.

On arrival, please put your poster up (from 18:00 on Tuesday 4 June). Posters must be taken down no later than 11:45 on Friday 7 June as the exhibition hall will close and you will not be able to have access to remove your poster after that time.

Please do not leave your poster tubes or packaging next to your poster board as we cannot guarantee security, and it presents a potential health and safety issue.

Poster Session

The poster session at elmi2024 takes place on Wednesday 5 June, 18:10 – 19:00. Posters can also be viewed during the lunch and tea/coffee breaks.

You must be next to your poster during the poster session to answer any questions. A meeting registration is required to present your poster.